Goals are not accomplished without an Action Plan for goal execution!
Chaos in any part of our life stops us from ever truly achieving anything worth doing!
Don’t follow the hype. Growing and scaling a business takes time. You will need a Priceless Plan!


Step away from your business chaos and let’s organize the internal parts of your business. Priceless Planning can help your business operations.


Publishing a book can completely change the credibility of your brand and business. You can also publish a book and keep 100% of your profits. It’s all in Priceless Publishing.

What if we could make a plan to prevent children from being in the juvenile justice system? Helping them SPEAK LOUD, and turn their dream and ideas into reality.


I am pleased to endorse Sidjae Price as a millennial empowering action and inspiring change. As an entrepreneur and mentor, Sidjae has dedicated herself to learning, practicing, serving and teaching others through her consulting agency Priceless Planning and, Speak Loud, a non-profit whose mission is to enhance the lives of underprivileged youth through scholarships, mentoring and self-development programs. Sidjae is highly respected by her peers for her leadership, willingness to help anyone anytime she can, her desire to achieve excellence and her commitment to continuous learning. Sidjae is professional, very well organized, diligent and always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Sidjae in any leadership role.
Founder & Editor of The See Girl Work Blog
Sidjae Price is one of the most extraordinary, focused and diligent clients I've have had the pleasure to work with. I was very honored when she hired and entrusted me to elevate her personal brand. Sidjae not only gives her all in our private sessions, but that same passion, dedication and care can be seen throughout her personal brand, businesses, and her non-profit organization. Her commitment to her mentees, employees, community and continuing education as a professional is unmatched! She's indeed an exemplary role model to a legion of women in her generation and beyond.
Personal Brand Strategist, Creative Director & Producer Founder Of "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ELLEVATE YOUR BRAND™," and CEO OF ELLEvate NOW!™
Working with Sidjae has been a pleasurable experience. She is professional, kind, patience, beautiful inside and out. Anyone looking to work to work with her would be fortunate as she is passionate about helping others.
Award Winning Best-Selling Author & Publisher