A Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur who strongly believes in God, Planning, and Overcoming Adversity.


God's plan

Adversity. It has driven me to being an entrepreneur, speaker and author. I was born in Los Angeles California with a silver spoon. But, after my parents separated the spoon got rusty. Within a matter of time I was  in a single parent household, with little income living in Jamaica, a few years later New York and soon after that Florida. I have received food from Food for the Poor, lived with neighbors, worked two jobs to pay my college tuition, battled depression, severe panic attacks and have faced many more adversities. But I am no victim; as with each adversity I faced, I took it as a learning lesson, built a plan and allowed my purpose to be birthed.
“You should always have a plan. Whether it is college, business or a career, you must have a plan. Once you create the plan, execute it with faith.”
I truly do believe that everything is aligned for our greater purpose, and to live in your purpose you have to live without boundaries. In other words remove your limited beliefs from God’s potential. Without the adversities I faced I would have failed to be in alignment with my purpose. This belief has lead me to being a multi-passionate individual, committed to breaking the stereotypes of millennials, and the driving force behind my companies.

the unplanned story

Before turning to business, I worked for a government agency, a private university, and was an academic advisory board member for Florida’s third largest not for profit university. In these roles I facilitated policy creation and implementation, program development, and training. Separate from those roles I facilitated and lead a mission trip to Cuba, created service projects and volunteered with non-profit organizations and grass roots organizations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. As I believe in “Sprinkling Goodness in the World”.  Fun fact: All of my companies were influenced by the work I did while having a traditional 9-5. A few were influenced by things I learned while in business. 

The planned story

Dr. Sidjae Price, is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  She is the owner of Priceless Planning, LLC the parent company for multiple brands, Founder of Speak Loud Incorporated., a 501c3 youth-based nonprofit organization, established since 2014,  and Creator of Rise and Shine Jamaica Expo. Individuals and organizations have been awed by her ability to deliver academic and professional knowledge with a millennial spin, as she leaves her audience with actionable steps ready for implementation. Dr. Price is a qualitative researcher who is passionate about businesses and organizations. Her research has explored generation X and millennials entrepreneurs, being the first to establish insights for organizational stakeholders. She has also co-authored an academic textbook on the Qualitative Research branch of Ethnography and served as a reviewer for the Peace and Conflict Studies Journal.
Dr. Price has been a guest lecturer at the University of the Southern Caribbean and Nova Southeastern University. She has also been a speaker at the University of West Indies: Mona School of Business, University of Miami, Digital Project Management Summit, Ft. Lauderdale’s Women Empowerment Expo and other events in the U.S. and Caribbean . Dr. Price has collaborated with brands such as Rolling out Magazine, and negotiated deals with members of MTV network. Additionally she has helped 25 and counting individuals achieve the status of best-selling author and has worked with businesses in the U.S., Canada, Nigeria, Botswana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and more to improve their business operations.
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