Always keep them talking.

Dr. Sidjae Price goal is to share her professional knowledge with a millennial twist. She is a millennial empowering action, and inspiring change. For this very reason she has been featured interviewed by reputable brands and companies.

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Recent media coverage

Bureau Briefing Interview on Gen X, Millennials & Organizational Conflict

Dr. Sidjae Price talks about generational pressures, organizational conflict and how we can make our businesses better.

Time Limit w/TeamGantt Interview on Estimates, Planning and People

Dr. Sidjae Price shares ways to get to well-rounded estimates and plans with teams. This conversation covers: Dealing with generational gaps while managing projects, taking human factors and cultural norms into consideration when estimating and planning, tips on creating a solid planning process and handling changes.

Blk Women Hustle Interview on Starting your Consulting Firm

Dr. Sidjae Price speaks about her consulting agency Priceless Planning and nonprofit organization Speak Loud, Inc., gives advice on starting a consulting firm in your industry

The First-Gen Lounge Interview on Being a First Gen College Student & Business Owner

Dr. Sidjae Price speaks about being in a world where we’e constantly trying to get ahead, when we have to do it all on our own, it makes the accomplishments that much sweeter: however, when we find ourselves in a where we can help others, we should help them.

1035 The BEAT · Miami's Home The Breakfast Club Interview on Her New Book

Dr. Sidjae Price talks with radio host Papa Keith to discuss her best-selling book.

Start Fierce Podcast

Dr. Sidjae Price shares her strategy to disconnecting from her business, so she isn’t working around the clock.