You should always have a plan. Whether it is college, business or a career, you must have a plan


Adversity. It has driven me to being an entrepreneur, speaker and author. I was born in California with a silver spoon. But, after my parents separated the spoon got rusty. Within a matter of time that I was  in a single parent household, with little income living in Jamaica, a few years later New York and soon after that Florida.

I have received food from Food for the Poor, lived with neighbors, worked two jobs to pay my college tuition and have faced many more adversities. But I am no victim; as with each adversity I faced, I built a plan and allowed my purpose to be birthed.

You should always have a plan. Whether it is college, business or a career, you must have a plan. Once you create the plan, execute it with faith.

Without the adversities I would have failed to be in alignment with my purpose. To live a purposeful life, we have to live without boundaries. This belief has lead me to being multipassionate,committed to breaking the stereotypes of millennials, and the driving force behind the plans behind each all of ventures.

Priceless Planning, LLC was established in 2016 after our CEO realized, that many modern entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders were operating their business in chaos and without implementing effective systems, strategies, and structure to grow and sustain their business. The name Priceless Planning was chosen for this business consulting agency as it correlates with our CEO family last name Price and her loveplanning.

Speak Loud, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The mission of Speak Loud, Incorporated will be to enhance the lives of underprivileged and misguided youth through scholarships, mentoring and self-development programs. The organization will strive to resolve intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, which if remains unresolved may cause youth to resort to committing crimes and becoming another statistic within the criminal system. Speak Loud, Incorporated results will generate sources to fund college education for youth, provide guidance of career journey and build self-confidence.


  • CEO of Priceless Planning, a Business Consulting Agency,
  • Founder of Speak Loud Inc, a 501c3 non-profit

Prior to creating Priceless Planning, Sidjae worked for government agencies and a private university where she facilitated in policy creation, policy implementation and program development.

Sidjae has also worked with her local county sheriff’s office as Field Technician Trainer.

Prior to creating Speak Loud Inc, Sidjae facilitated and lead a mission trip to Cuba, and has also volunteered with other organizations and schools throughout the United States and the Caribbean including the Salvation Army in Jamaica.


Sidjae holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology and Entrepreneurship and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in legal perspectives, both obtained from Nova Southeastern University, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Most recently she has also completed her doctoral degree in conflict resolution, specializing in organizational conflict . She is a qualitative researcher who is passionate about organizational conflict. Her research has explored the management of organizational conflict regarding leadership and change management for generation X and millennials entrepreneurs. Being the first to establish insights for organizational stakeholders.

Dr. Price's Features & Projects

Dr. Sidjae Price has been featured on platforms such as Huffington Post and 103.5 The Beat Miami’s home for The Breakfast Club, and has given speeches at the University of Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale’s Women Empowerment Expo. Additionally she has collaborated with brands such as Rolling out Magazine, and negotiated deals with members of MTV network. As passion projects, she creates book series, help others get published and is also the co-author of 20 Beautiful Women, and the publisher of Faith Forward: Intimate Stories of Faith To Propel You Forward, both Amazon Best Sellers, and an academic textbook on the Qualitative Research branch of Ethnography. As a proud an alumnus of Jamaican preparatory and high schools, Dr.Price is ready to serve the country that raised her for a majority of her life through the creation of Rise + Shine Jamaica Expo in January 2020.

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